We provide API for developers. The Bot API allows you to easily create applications using Potato's message interface. You can communicate with the server through a simple HTTPS interface.This API allows you to connect robots to our systems. Bots are special accounts that don't require set extra phone numbers. These accounts act as an interface for the running code on the server.

What is the Bots

The Bot is a third-party application that runs on the Potato. Users can interact with the Bot by sending messages, commands, and inline requests to the Bot. You can use HTTPS request of our Bot API to control your Bot.

Authorization login SDK

Developers can obtain the basic information of Potato users through the authorized login mechanism and then implement the business logic.

Mini Programs

Developers can develop a Mini Program or a Game which can be spread and shared in chats and in the Moments. It supports online payment, and helps you manage your own products.

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