Potato Mini Programs is an application that does not require installation and convenient to experience.

Time:2020/06/24 Source:Potato

Introduce of Mini Programs:

Potato Mini Programs is an application that can be used without downloading and installing, it can be conveniently experienced and spread in Potato Chat, and supports multiple types of applications, such as games, shopping, news, video, music, navigation, travel, study, financial, calculators, etc.

Developers can quickly create Mini Programs, provide users with a good experience, and have the opportunity to share Potato Chat traffic.

Mini Program experience method:

Method1: On the Chats interface, when the chats at the top, swiping your finger down on the screen will pop up a list of Mini Programs.

Method2: Click " Discover " - " Mini Programs ", then you can enter the Mini Programs list interface.

Method3: Open any dialog box, type " @app + space ", click the Mini Program you want to experience in the list. or type " @app + space + name of Mini Program ", then you can accurately find the required mini program.

Developer recruitment:

Potato developers are in hot recruitment, welcome more developers to join the Potato open platform, and join us to build a peaceful Potato group, see more details https://Developer.potato.im/

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